Our first official meeting for the 2023-2024 Rotary year was at the Doutta Galla Hotel.  
There was a good attendance to welcome our Global Grant Scholar Haruka Tanaka from Niigata, Japan.
President Shraddha opened the formalities after dinner with welcomes for Haruka and our guests.  She also welcomed Marty, a prospective member and friend of Melina's as well as welcoming back Nina and Jeff after their European holiday.
Apologies were received from Anne, Karolina, Sandy, Geoff, Dulcie and Len and new members Jo Walker and Herve Carlos.
She then invited Haruka to speak.  Haruka is from Nishi, Niigata, Japan and will be studying for a Master's in Education at the University of Melbourne.  She obtained a bachelor's degree in education from Niigata University after graduating from Hokuetsu High School.
Haruka is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Niigata.
She told us a little about herself, her previous education and her thoughts for the future.  She is keen to explore gender and culture as barriers to education.   
  Haruka then presented Shraddha with a banner from the Rotary Club of Niigata.
    Pictured left with President Shraddha Sharma.   
    Right with Alex De Bortoli. 
We then watched the promotional video for Filter Your Future - the musical, created at the series of performances held in May.  Yvonne Farquharson acknowledged the club's contribution to funding for this venture.  She also spoke of the booth at RICON and how successful the promotion was.
Yvonne is a former Rotary Youth Exchange student travelling to South Africa in 1973.
Shraddha also presented official name badges to Nina and Jeff.
She then reminded all of coming events.  Please check the website for updates and rsvp details.
Niigata is in the north-west of the island of Honshu, on the coast of the Sea of Japan.  It is famous for its mountains and ski fields, hot springs and winter sports.
The Rotary Club of Niigata in District 2560 has sponsored Haruka for this Globa Grant scholarship.  President Haruichi Ishikara has been in contact with our club.