Collect 10c refundable containers!
The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS-Vic) has three zones managed by three different operators, all with slightly different modus operandi, but RIMERN is registered as a charity partner with all three, so please check the map below or website to see which zone you’re in and follow these steps to have all the 10c refunds applied to RIMERN so that we can buy hard to get essentials like kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, doonas & pillows.
Most of the municipalities that RIMERN supports are in the NORTH zone (managed by Visy) and some of our Clubs & support areas are EAST (managed by Return-It), Merri-bek (where our East Brunswick warehouse is located) is WEST (managed by Tomra).
Please download their App (eg. CDS-Vic WEST, CDS-Vic NORTH or CDS-Vic EAST) onto your phone and set up your personal account (it’s easy!)
Next, select DONATE then find your charity partner (type in Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network) in the search bar & lock us in. The pictures on the next page are from the north zone VISY app but all 3 are similar.
Now whenever you take your returns to either a RVM (reverse vending machine – they scan the barcodes on each 10c container and reject any with a dent or squash), an OTC (over the counter shop or petrol station) or depot (that identify barcodes by camera and accept even the dented ones…. An operator assists and it’s very easy!) you scan your personal barcode and automatically the return credits fly into the RIMERN bank account!
If you don’t go through many collectable water, beer or soft drink bottles or cans (unfortunately wine & juice bottles don’t make the cut) then please nominate someone from the Club to be the ‘RIMERN Bottle-O’ and bring your bags of empties to meetings or arrange for pick up so that the Bottle-O can take bulk quantities for cash conversion. Which Club will raise the most this way?
There are many community supporters who love what RIMERN does and who would also like to help, please recruit local pubs & cafes, involve friends and neighbours, the 10c refunds add up fast and some charities are already making hundreds of dollars a week by clever collecting!