Posted by Anne McMahon
Flemington-Kensington Festival of Arts & Ideas
Create- Collaborate- Celebrate
11 - 21 October 2018
The Festival of Arts and Ideas will promote the grassroots creativity of our artistically diverse and culturally vibrant community.
The Flem-Ken Festival aims to:
  • the artists and creatives in the Flemington and Kensington neighbourhoods and surrounding areas.
--Create opportunities for collaboration between artists and the community.
--Celebrate and showcase the rich and diverse creative culture of the area.
The Festival will bring together artists, musicians, performers, dancers, jewellers, designers, theatre groups, creative individuals, groups and arts inclusive organisations to participate in activities and present events that will highlight the depth, breadth, creative and cultural richness of the arts and creative endeavours across our local community.
The creative solutions and ideas symposium will focus on the importance, role and place of the arts in community life and in the life of the community. The Symposium will present opportunities for invited speakers, community conversations and community voices to share ideas, innovative concepts and creative solutions to issues that concern our community now and into the future.
This is an opportunity to connect your brand with this inaugural and innovative arts based community initiative.
The Festival of Arts and Ideas program is diverse in both its concept and content attracting a wide range of participation in planning, contribution, support

The Festival’s media strategy is geared to attract a diverse audience from across both the local and wider demographic. A wide range of promotional opportunities have been identified including social media and print campaigns.
The Festival will connect you with a large audience, enhance brand recognition and allow for measurable return as an evaluation report will be provided to all sponsors.