Sri Lanka has a very high incidence of people suffering a stroke yet just 74 dedicated stroke beds across 9 hospitals in the whole country.  Access to a stroke unit is possible for about 14% of sufferers - in high income countries it is 91%. See report.
Dr Harsha Gunasekara, President of the National Stroke Association of Sri Lanka reached out to his contacts at the Rotary Club of Columbo, PDG Senake Ameresinghe and PDG Pubudu De Goysa who spoke with our own PP Peter Cribb for help.
Our club then adopted this as a project and Peter set about establishing just what was needed and what could be supplied.
The results part 1:
Last Saturday a team of 20 members of the Australian Sri Lanka Association of SA loaded hospital beds and a range of other equipment and consumables for shipment.  Funds for shipping came from ASLA and their donors {plus a donation from Jim and Liz Alvery who supported the first playground to Sputnik.    Photo gallery
Part 2:
The container was loaded at Donations in Kind, funded by our club.  Shipping mid June.
To Dr. Charitha Perera (Honorary Consul in Adelaide for Sri Lanka), members of the Rotary Club and the volunteers from Nishani Seneviratne, President of Australia Sri Lanka Association, SA
Firstly , thank you for everything you all did to ensure the completion of the  Stroke project.
It was indeed a big project which involved a lot of paperwork, conversations, coordination, catering, accounts work, raising the funds and of course a big number of labor force for two Saturdays, one for collating the required items according to the Wishlist, and the other Saturday for actual physical loading.
What most impressed me was that all three parties (ASLA team and the volunteers),
Sri Lanka Consulate of Adelaide (Dr. Charitha  Perera and Dr. Mihiri Pere) and the team of Rotary Club (RARE) lead by the manager and the coordinator of the Rotary Club Adelaide (RARE) David Cockshell worked tirelessly to achieve the goal  we all wanted to achieve, to serve the patients of rural communities of our motherland, Sri Lanka.
Last Saturday particularly, from 8.45 am to 2.30 pm all the volunteers (20 people) of three shifts like an army of ants, worked under the guidance of the Rotary Loading master to complete the loading.
 I was so touched by our “little man“ the youngest volunteer as young as 13 years (Linuka Kollonnage) participating in little tasks such as supplying water for the Gophers, dusting the chairs, pushing small chairs etc. was inspiring.
I believe this is the first time ASLA collaborated with Rotary club, and it was important for ASLA to get that opportunity to successfully complete this as one of the 50th year projects. WELL, DONE ASLA!
I also had the appropriate conversations with Peter Cribb as a part of this project, to make sure that the goods sent will be used for the benefit of the neediest patients in the government hospitals.
Peter assured that the members of the Rotary club in Colombo act with the greatest of integrity and I trust Peter's judgement. Peter will share some photos from the other end once the goods  reach Colombo to share with you.
Nishantha and Chamath, can you pls convey our gratitude and appreciation to all the volunteers as I do not have their contact numbers to thank them personally.
Dr. Charitha Perera, thank you for supporting us by raising the funds for shipping and guiding me through some of the areas I was unsure of. ASLA ‘s deep gratitude for you and Dr. Mihiri Perera for rolling up your sleeves to help loading the container even with your busy schedule.
Dr. Charith pls convey our thanks  for all the donors who donated money for the Stroke project. Their tax receipts will be sent to them asap.
My heartfelt appreciation goes to the cheerleaders - David Cockshell and Peter Cribb for their initiative and cooperation.
Dear Peter, Pls give ASLA’s greeting to Dr. Harsha Gunasekara, Ms. Pubudu de Zoysa and others in Sri Lanka and thank them for the great work they are doing.
Mission accomplished ASLA!