In 2018, following a Community Forum, the Rotary Club of Flemington decided to run a festival focussing on all the fields of arts within our community.  Relationships were established with groups and community organisations currently working in the arts and a committee was formed to plan, research, communicate, organise, fundraise for and implement a festival.
The plan was for a Rotary Festival HUB to be established which would promote events under the umbrella of Rotary.  Events and activities would be conducted by a range of groups and many would also be run by Rotary.
A competition was held to design the poster to be the  'face' of the festival with a community judging vote.
Eventually, over 100 events were held throughout the month including dance, drama, music, children’s activities, workshops, creative and literary events, readings, debates and panel discussions.
All local schools and children’s centres were contacted to participate in clay, dance, drama and art workshops.  Choirs performed and ran workshops, a  number of authors and academics provided discussions and panels and the community and neighbourhood centres participated.
Multicultural events also took place as well as sessions run by a variety of presenters.
A Gala Opening event and an art auction were the finale to the month.
Sponsorship, community and council grants provided the funds to run the event.