President Shraddha's message:
Spring is here and with that it another opportunity that nature provides for us all to set new intentions, if whatever you set out to do at the beginning of the year hasn't worked out, this is an opportunity to reflect, reset and move with new focus and intentions.  So, I started with reviewing the intention I'd set for myself at the start of this year. 
1. Clean eating for family & me (includes. fur baby) 
2. Move your body 4-5 times a week- Yoga & walk
3. Career - continue the growth in Management with focus on strengthening leadership skill 
4. Vocation- Initiate part time Yoga teaching to share your passion, knowledge & maintain the skill
5. Community - Refer RC Flem Ken set values and align in action, grow members
6. Support Samara in extracurricular activities outside school 
7. Deepen the relationship at home, with friends and beyond authentically
8. Meditate, Grow your garden.
9. etc, etc, etc
You get the point, although well meaning, this is a totally unrealistic and overwhelming list of goals to be 100% attainable in everyday life, also somewhere along there, I have 
missed adding other activities from my list of desires like going cycling, trekking with friends and writing a blog. 
For most of us whether we've intentionally set it or not, we all have a list of things we track mentally in our head that we'd like to do, and sometimes the lists are never ending. So, when it's time for reflection, we tend to sit down and start inner dialogue, some of the stories I tell myself then are, “See! I never finish what I start.
I don’t have what it takes … Just like I said.
However, instead of letting your ego justifying why you can't do all those things your heart desires, how about our measure of success is not doing each of those things 100% of the time, our measure is only showing up with the intention & starting to appreciate each time you showed up in one of those areas. You've set those intentions, because they mean something for you, but we all have the same 24 hours, & while we cannot do everything on our list every time, we can be appreciative of the fact that we are aligned on our intentions and we show up for them, when we can. 
So, this Spring, I want you to look at your lists either written or in your head and take one small step towards one of them every day, those unattainable lists of intentions all of a sudden become a series of plans in action. 
You set your intentions, you sow the seed; you take one small step, you water it; you reaffirm to yourself it's one step closer, you watch it grow; your desires are always waiting for the first step and then another.
                 With love and gratitude

As you should all be aware by now the Regionalisation Pilot is due to be voted on by President Shraddha in the next weeks. The Pilot is an exploration of how Rotary can change to better keep pace with changing attitudes and lifestyles and the way in which people now engage with causes, spend their time and interact with friends. It is an opportunity to explore, design and test new ways of operating Rotary in our part of the world.  Led by PDG Peter Frueh and a team of PDGs and experienced Rotarians across Oceania, this is a chance to refine Rotary.
Zone International Director Dr Jessie Harman says:
I encourage all of us to take a deep breath, accept that uncertainty is uncomfortable, and give this a go…
All members are asked to email Shraddha with YES/NO by 20 September.
Almoner's Report:   
Len Seddon has been in hospital again for surgery and is now recuperating at home.
Lyn is still in hospital but now out of ICU and is beginning a long recuperation after a nasty respiratory illness.
Anne is out of hospital and recovering at home.
Community Service
Members are encouraged to bring along a grocery item to each breakfast meeting.  These will be distributed to the 3 food pantries we are supporting: Ascot Vale Little Pantry, Kensington Neighbourhood House and Flemington Mission.
Suggestions are: long life milk, shampoo and conditioner, tinned foods, pasta and rice and other non-perishable goods.
Spotlight on ----- Len Seddon
On Wednesday, 24th August, Leonard and Shraddha met for breakfast at Sugarbeat cafe close to their homes, and what followed was an interesting & insightful walk down a memory lane of Len's life which was lived on the philosophy of hard work, friendship and care for his family, friends and community.
Len was born 11 April 1933 in a small town in Victoria called Murtoa.  We moved when I was still young to Linga, situated between Ouyen and the South Australian border in the Sunraysia region.  There I went to Linga state school. My father was a Bank Manager, and my mother managed the Post Office until we moved to Melbourne in 1940, after my fathers' passing in 1937.
Len still remembers the 14 room house they had when his mother managed the Post Office in Linga, it brings back very fond memories of the place. It was getting difficult for my mother alone with two kids, so along with aunty Flo, her daughter Bev, mum, uncle Alan and I moved to Melbourne.
We lived initially in Fitzroy and eventually mum found work to manage a tennis court and milk bar in Union road. Alan & I joined Ascot Vale West Primary school.     
I was introduced to Rotary by another of my school mate Ron King in 1991.  He was the President at North Melbourne Rotary and we used to go to their Rotary dinners. Over one such dinner he introduced me to the president Ross Bradfield of Rotary Club of Flemington & soon after I joined.
Visit to Essendon Rotary - 6 September
On Tuesday 6th September we joined with Essendon Rotary at the evening meeting with guest Speaker Josh Mahoney, CEO of Essendon  FC.
Our table included President Shradha Sharma and Samara, PP Peter Cribb, PP Anne Heyes, PP Lesley McCarthy, Carolina Sevcikova, Yvonne Farquharson and Bob Farquharson.
It was great to catchup with friends including PPs Sunil Pereira, Marioa Kouppas and Lisa Lowcock and Royce Abbey Coordinator Roger Leask, amongst others.
Op Shop Super Saturday Spring Sale
We were blessed with beautiful weather despite the forecast of rain.  Thank you to everyone who came along and contributed to the success of the day!
Arriving early, Mel and Alex were already hard at work organising marquees and stalls. 
After help from Geoff the Coffee Van man with reversing the trailer, the BBQ was set up and ready to go when John Sklenar and Peter Cribb arrived.  Peter showed off his new mathematical socks and Bev went of Fathers' Day shopping. They were ably assisted by Geoff Cawsey and Dulcie Heard.
The book sale covered 3 large tables with more on the ground - Mel has been collecting books for a year so there were plenty to be found in all interest areas.  Debra Ryan was assisted by volunteer Molly.
Shraddha and Lesley 'floated' from table to table as the need arose and were helped by Mel's Godson Anthony and his mother Carmela.   Karolina and Edith arrived at lunchtime and Edith brought along Carol Qi and a friend to help on the BBQ after Peter left for basketball finals.
It was a great day filled with fellowship, fun and connections - plus lots of sales.
Rotary and UNICEF Partner to support Sri Lanka's children
Rotary International and UNICEF are partnering to deliver lifesaving medicines, clean drinking water, education materials and other critical supplies to children and families.

The partnership will capitalize on Rotary International ‘s global network along with the alumni of Sri Lanka’s leading schools to raise funds from the Sri Lankan community living overseas.

Donors can donate through the online platform at
to provide help for Sri Lanka's children during the current crisis.

UNICEF will use the collected funds to procure essential medicines, medical equipment, water purification tablets, and school stationery to support vulnerable communities facing severe shortages across the country.

The partnership was launched on 22nd August in Colombo by UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia, Mr. George Laryea-Adjei and UNICEF Sri Lanka Representative, Mr. Christian Skoog together with Zone Director of Rotary International, Mr. A S Venkatesh, and Sri Lanka Rotary District Governor Ms. Pubudu de Zoysa.


Guest speaker at the 2 September 2015 meeting was Ginger Chang who had been sponsored by the club to participate in RYLA in 2012. 

She was working as a Graduate for the Department of Industry and Science in Canberra. She reflected on how RYLA provided her with a great network and opened many windows of opportunities.  Ginger also said how she really appreciated what RYLA, Jon Temby and Edith Chen had done for her.
Applications for RYLA in November 2022 are now open.
RIMERN Thursday September 29th  
All members are encouraged to come along and help. 22nd isnow a Public Holiday so we will go along on the 29th.  RIMERN is a remarkable place where we support and assist with the circular economy - goods from the Op Shop are regularly transferred across.
It's not heavy or difficult work.  Mainly sorting, packing, organising  and cleaning donations and preparing goods for orders.
Corner Moreland Rd and Lincoln St East Brunswick opposite the park. anytime between 10am-3pm.  Lesley 0417532 259
Flemington Mission - 26 Norwood Street
Yvonne Farquharson volunteers at the Flemington Mission on Tuesday 10am-1pm at 26 Norwood St, Flemington.  They provide food parcels, fresh fruit and vegetables, prescription subsidies and financial support for educational needs to people in need. They also have the Orange Sky Laundry attend.
Yvonne would be grateful for items for the food pantry including UHT milk, toiletries, knitted beanies or scarves.
Repair Hub is on this Sunday at Christ Church Hall, 76 McCracken Street, Kensington 1 to 4pm. Come and see Jewellery repairer, Blake, and bring your jewellery for cleaning, repairs of links, chains, earrings etc. Sewing and bike repairs also happening so BYO items for sewing and/or your bike. There will also be a fresh garden greens produce stall.
All members are invited to come along and help spread the word about Rotary.  We will have a marquee and a promotion table.
Saturday 1st October between 3pm-8pm24,663 Clip art music notes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Rotary are partners with Flemington Traders in this event to be held in Pin Oak Crescent.
😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊 😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     

Note to members: If you’ve been involved in a Rotary or community activity between now and next fortnight, please send Lesley a note on it so that we can share it in the newsletter. We are interested in YOU and what YOU DO!

😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊     😊 


It's Time Foundation:
Our club supports this foundation and the work being done to bring light and power to remote islands in Fiji.  
Enter $11 raffle to win a 5 day accommodation package for two  on beautiful Taveuni Island, Fiji (flights not included)
Proceeds of the raffle support  our community projects.
The It's Time Foundation installs solar panels on roofs of schools in Fiji's islands allowing students and teachers to read, prepare homework and do schoolwork.
PS Cherie Osborne from Keilor East Rotary was the first winner!!
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