President Shraddha's message:   

This month, as we celebrate World Polio Day on 24th October, it's timely to acknowledge and shine a light on Rotary’s 30-year effort to lead the first global polio eradication campaign. It may as well also serve to remind us that in the mid-20th century, the poliovirus could be found all over the world and killed or paralysed over half a million people every year.

Today, due to the effort of Rotary and forming partnership in one of the most ambitious global health initiatives in history, we've reduced polio cases by more than 99.9 percent worldwide.  The risk factor of 0.1 percent in Pakistan and Afghanistan is being actively managed as per RI President Jennifer Jones’s account after her visit to Pakistan in August this year, there is a nationwide immunization campaign focusing on 43 million children under the age of 5 to be vaccinated.

We, Rotarians, work wonderfully by joining hands to resolve a community problem, this month as my family along with Hindus all over the world celebrate Dusshera and Deepavali, ‘the festival of lights,’ I can’t help but reflect on what the celebration signifies for me.

According to the Hindu beliefs, Dussehra is said to be the auspicious day when Goddess Durga destroyed demon Mahishasura and Lord Rama killed Ravana. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated to remember power, courage, and braveness. It marks the end of bad times and the beginning of a new age. After Lord Rama Killed Ravana, his journey back from Lanka to his house took time, the day of his arrival saw everyone light up their house and exploding fireworks in celebration; this festival is known as Deepavali, Diwali or Tihar which is celebrated 21 days after Dussehra (Celebration of person for standing up and gaining victory over evil)

In the current world what this festival of lights has come to mean for me is the demonstration of strength and love of the community, it stands as a reaffirmation of hope for good always triumphing the evil, it offers a renewed commitment to friendship, a reminder of what’s really important in life and a celebration of “simple joys of life”. This Deepavali, I’ll be lighting lamps in my house in honour of everyday heroes, everyday members of the community, You and I, whether Rotarians or not, an active volunteer or a caring neighbour and a friend, you are making a monumental difference to someone’s life every day. Lighting up of the lamps will be a reminder to make ourselves happy over good things in this world.

When we treat every day as our chance to look at options for making a difference, in a world where so many things can go wrong, it’s our choice to show up, take an action and contribute in your special unique way that makes a better community and a better world.  

* * Mahishasura is described as an evil being who can change his outer form, but never his demonic goals. Mahishasura represents the forces of ignorance and chaos hidden by outer appearances. Rama killed Ravana to establish and maintain Dharma!


                 With love and gratitude

Dinner meeting Wednesday 19 October 6.30pm at
Il Cucino Divo.
Speaker Katie Hester - Ride for Childhood Cancer research.
Wednesday 02 November at
Mama Bear 7.45 for 8am
DG Cluster Visit at the Yarraville Club - Thursday 10 November 630pm
RSVP to Shraddha by 7/11
From the Co-Chairs for  Regionalisation Group Zone 8, PDG Peter Frueh
and PDG Ingrid Waugh.
We were delighted with the result with more than 89% of clubs across the zone expressing a YES vote.  This lets us know that there is strong support for a pilot which will enable us to trial, explore, design and evaluate a new regional approach to supporting and governing Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island region.

20 out of 21 Districts achieved the required threshold of two thirds majority of clubs voting Yes. The club vote was also endorsed by all 21 District Governors in their role as Rotary International Officers.  Whilst one district had more than 50% of clubs vote yes, it did not meet the two thirds threshold. 
We will advise the Rotary International Board of the outcome as well as seek guidance on the path forward.  Thank you for your patience and we will be in touch once we have a clear course of action. 
Thank you to all Rotary and Rotaract volunteers who have supported this project. We would also like to thank the Rotary International staff at our Sydney office and elsewhere for their ongoing support.

Peter Frueh
Co-Chair Regionalisation Group Zone 8
Past District Governor District 9800 2017-18
This week's meeting:
A large attendance this week with guests President Debra Sloggett and David Dippie from Keilor East and President Maria Silber Footscray.  
Guest Speaker was Peter Dunn, Rotary Strathmore, Director Host Organising Committee - Home & Club Hospitality for RICON23.
Peter has been a Rotarian for 41 years and this will be his 12th RI Convention, including Melbourne in 1993.  He has served as Club President twice, and twice District Conference Chair D9790.
Peter spoke about his role as Director of the Host Organising Committee. He is overseeing the club hosting events on Monday May 29th including events, such as that we have nominated, as well as smaller dinners with individual clubs.  He is also organising the volunteers who will act as "Meet and Greet" at Melbourne Airport on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the convention.  Volunteers are sought for 4-hour shifts on one of those days with training provided.
He said that registrations at this stage are over 8,000 which is more than Houston or Sydney so it looks like a large attendance.
Our event is being looked at favorably, especially as we have financial support from MVCC and the support of our cluster clubs.
We also welcomed Emma Phillips, the Coordinator of L2P Program at MVCC.    She has met with Shraddha, Edith and Lesley about how we can be involved. 

{The L2P and DriveLink programs followed on from the RoadStart program initiated by PP Peter Cribb which was then handed to MVCC to manage}.
Emma and council are keen to access our support, perhaps in a financial contribution towards a second car.  The DriveLink car is stored at the Flemington Police Station.
Anyone wishing to volunteer as a driver supervisor could contact Emma. 
SPOTLIGHT ON .....  Karolina Sevcikova    
I was born in year 1945, 19th September here in Hawthorn, Melbourne. My dad was the hospital orderly in Australian Army, during World War II. After the war he came back, met my mother ‘Olive’, they’d gone to same school and she lived in the same street. Soon they got married and had me. I am the only child, no siblings, my earliest memory is of my 5th Birthday, when I went with a doll in a pram too get a cake from a shop in Auburn.
Soon after my father returned from war, he re-trained to be a hairdresser and we moved to Traralgon in Gippsland. I spent the years from tween to teenage there, first I went to Stockdale Road and Grey Street primary schools and then moved to Traralgon high school.
High School, first dance and passion….
First year in high school, I’d organised a rock and roll concert for primary grade students. It was the first memorable recognition I received for my effort, gives me fuzzy warm feelings to date. During these years, all my pocket money would be spent on records! Johnny O'Keefe – Shout Shout, Let it all out is an all time favorite. There’d be a club called, ‘Karma’ near Gippsland, in another town Morwell, my father would drive me there for dancing. There was lots of music and dancing in those days.
What makes Karolina?
Both my parents were very community oriented, they believed in giving back and that got instilled on me very early on.
Early on my parents put me in Brownies and then girl guide, in 1956 Olympics games, I participated in dancing.  
My father’s story of service in war, being a RAT of Tobruk, my mother’s involvement in Country Woman Association (CWA) has kept me going with community involvement all these years. I have been a member of CWA for 36 years now; I serve in board of RAT of Tobruk, we meet every month. I am also a member of Czech and Italian community, catering voluntary as when requests come, same with Albert Park Yachting club, I am Volunteer chef there. I am very passionate about helping young members of the community and mentor at Wellington high rise and also serve the incarcerated women in prison.I love connection and people, I think young people need to believe in themselves and their skills. Somehow, through my life experience, I developed empathy for the marginalised, migrants and women and the hope to be of help is what keeps me going.
RIMERN to the rescue - again   
PP Peter Cribb received a phone call from one of our Somali contacts, Ibrahim Hussein from OzSomCare seeking assistance for a family whose house had been destroyed by fire.
RIMERN quickly came to the rescue and Ibrahim and Rashid collected furniture, mattresses and household goods for the family of 6.  They had been sleeping on the floor!    So, free of charge - mattresses and bases, fridge, washing machine and microwave, bed linen, bedside tables, sofa, armchairs, coffee table and kitchen goods.  All donated to RIMERN from our wonderful volunteers.
Thank you to Sue Robb who picked and packed and made this happen so quickly!  
Another fantastic help to community - circular economy saving landfill.   
 Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network
volunteer, Ros McMaster was announced as the Westfield Local Hero for the Airport West Shopping Centre, winning $20,000 for RIMERN towards the cost of its first van!

The RIMERN community is thrilled with Ros’s win. The prize money will make a huge difference to operations, contributing to the acquisition of a RIMERN van.  Hundreds more people will learn a little more about Rotary through the Westfield Local Heroes campaign.
The photo of Ros in her RIMERN high vis vest, resplendent with Rotary logo, will be on permanent display at Airport West Shopping Centre alongside the names of the previous winners!

Together with a donation from the Rotary Club of Balwyn trust, this means the van is a reality!
Congratulations Ros, and RIMERN, on the amazing work being done by volunteers every day.
President Shraddha's Food Pantry Project:
We all know people who are struggling to put food on the table at the moment.  The 3 local food pantries: Ascot Vale Little Pantry, Flemington Mission and Kensington Neighborhood House are supporting hundreds of local families weekly.
Shraddha's request is that we, who are fortunate, support where we can by bringing a grocery item to each meeting. 
Suggestions are long life milk, shampoo/ conditioner, tinned foods, pasta, rice and other non-perishable goods. Each month, we will donate these groceries to one of the pantries.
This week, Edith and Lesley took in our donations to Kensington Neighourhood House.
City of Melbourne Awards:
Earlier this year Lesley applied to the Awards for the op Shop under the category of Sustainability.  The submission was well received, and we were shortlisted for an interview.    Lesley presented against the criteria at interview last week.  See presentation here.
The award winners will be announced later this month.
Our Op Shop is a hub for the circular economy and sustainability through our many connections - almost octopus like with our tentacles. 
Did you know how many partnerships and connections we have made?
Our club also provided a letter of support for Kensington Neighborhood House in their nomination under the category community. They too have been shortlisted.
Flem-Ken News Spring Edition
The club and our members featured in 4 stories this edition.
As well as our Vox Populi trio, there was the story introducing our new President Shraddha Sharma, the feature on Mary Keating's Community Service award, and a feature on Lesley.
Lawrence died on 21 September after living with Parkinsons' Disease
for several years.  He is survived by his wife Margaret. Lawrence was recently recognised for 50 years of Rotary service.  An architect, Footscray, is home to multiple buildings designed by Atley, including The Society for the Aged, parts of Victoria University and an extension to the Footscray Town Hall.
I had the pleasure of chatting with Lawrence, Margaret, their daughter Lisa and grandson James at the Footscray changeover earlier this year.
Rotary and UNICEF Partner to support Sri Lanka's children
Rotary International and UNICEF are partnering to deliver lifesaving medicines, clean drinking water, education materials and other critical supplies to children and families.

The partnership will capitalize on Rotary International ‘s global network along with the alumni of Sri Lanka’s leading schools to raise funds from the Sri Lankan community living overseas.

Donors can donate through the online platform at
to provide help for Sri Lanka's children during the current crisis.

UNICEF will use the collected funds to procure essential medicines, medical equipment, water purification tablets, and school stationery to support vulnerable communities facing severe shortages across the country.

The partnership was launched on 22nd August in Colombo by UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia, Mr. George Laryea-Adjei and UNICEF Sri Lanka Representative, Mr. Christian Skoog together with Zone Director of Rotary International, Mr. A S Venkatesh, and Sri Lanka Rotary District Governor Ms. Pubudu de Zoysa.


April 2010.  Chris Don, District 9800 Rotary Foundation Chair presented the District Award for the highest % of members contributing to the Rotary Foundation - Centurions.
Accepting the shield, 2008-2009 President Mark Ingram and 2009-2010 President Peter Cribb.
Sadly, this is no longer the situation.

If you are able to make a contribution to our charity, the Rotary Foundation, follow this link or contact Lesley for assistance.
The Rotary Foundation is our charity - it supports all the amazing projects we undertake and multiplies our impact. 
All donations are tax deductible.
Could you be a Centurion and donate $100 a year?   
RIMERN Thursday October 27th  
All members are encouraged to come along and help. RIMERN is a remarkable place where we support and assist with the circular economy - goods from the Op Shop are regularly transferred across.
It's not heavy or difficult work.  Mainly sorting, packing, organising  and cleaning donations and preparing goods for orders.
Corner Moreland Rd and Lincoln St East Brunswick opposite the park. anytime between 10am-3pm.  Lesley 0417532 259
Our club is proud to support Polyglot Childrens Theatre.
Polyglot's latest show, Pram People is being presented by Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne Museum! Pram users will assemble en masse, following curious and wonderful prompts through headphones, secret messages and even other participants. Performers will delight and intrigue, adding to the fun as families weave amongst and around each other.

A Pram People photo. An adult in a green jumper and headphones pushes a small child in a pram decorated with green streamers. They are surrounded by colourful motion blurs. The adult looks out of frame, while the child looks at the camera. Photographer: Sarah WalkerAs part of the Melbourne Fringe XS program, Pram People offers a playful and welcoming approach to community participation through joyful movement and connection, using the most universal of vehicles – the pram.
Hilarious, serious and surprisingly moving, this immersive, colourful spectacle will activate the Melbourne Museum forecourt, and reclaim the pram as an asset to public space and society as a whole.  
Free 60-min performances will take place on 22-23 October. Bookings are essential for participants (adults with children in prams) via the Melbourne Fringe website. Other family members and friends are welcome to attend as observers.
Across the creative development, the Pram People team have engaged with children and families from The Venny and ArtPlay, as well as the Carlton Primary School community.

Let’s Lift the Lid on Mental Health with Australian Rotary Health 

October is Mental Health month and World Mental Health Day, October 10th, is approaching fast.
Each year, Rotarians and friends make an amazing contribution to raising funds for much needed mental health research through Australian Rotary Health (ARH). From 2022, the focus is on improving the mental health of children 0-12 years old. 
Our club is a major support of Australian Rotary Health and mental health research through our funding of Catherine Johnston to undertake a PhD.  She commenced this year and wil report tous again early next year.

Every year approximately 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness and, in order to help future generations of young Australians, funds from Lift the Lid support research into prevention of this type of illness. 

You can donate - Australian Rotary Health Account details:  
BSB: 082 330     Acct No: 027 300 054   Reference: Club/ name


It's Time Foundation:
Our club supports this foundation and the work being done to bring light and power to remote islands in Fiji.  
Enter $11 raffle to win a 5-day accommodation package for two on beautiful Taveuni Island, Fiji (flights not included)
Proceeds of the raffle support our community projects.
The It's Time Foundation installs solar panels on roofs of schools in Fiji's islands allowing students and teachers to read, prepare homework and do schoolwork.
$2 from each ticket sale comes back to our club!  
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